Foam factors: 10 things you need to find out before you buy a foam mattress

Double Foam Mattress

Mattress shopping is not as tedious as it used to be just a few decades ago. Now you need not even step out of your house to buy the mattress of your dreams. The availability of quality mattress online has opened up a world of possibilities. 

If you’re in the market to buy a foam mattress, browse through an array of mattresses online from top brands such as SleepyCat, Wakefit, Durex, SleepWell, Wink n Nod, etc. and you will come across their memory foam mattresses

Memory foam is usually a customer’s first choice because of the pressure relief it provides along with its body contouring benefits. However, before buying a foam mattress, we suggest you go through these 10 tips that are sure to come in handy. 

  • Know your sleeping style 

Here’s what experts suggest: A medium-firm mattress is the go-to for people who sleep on their backs. This ensures relief from back pain. Wakefit’s orthopedic memory foam mattress should be your go-to. 

For those who relax on their stomachs, a mattress that is firmer should do the trick. Finally, if you like sleeping on your sides, then go for a softer mattress. 

  • Selecting memory foam type 

For someone new at mattress purchasing, all memory foam types might look the same. However, there is a plethora to choose from. There is traditional memory foam, latex foam, gel memory foam, etc. 

  • Picking the right foam density 

Do you want a memory foam mattress with higher, medium, or lower foam density? While higher foam density allows durability, medium density is good for motion isolation and lower foam density is the easiest to adjust to. 

Wakefit’s high-density foam makes the mattress sturdy and durable for years while Wink n Nod’s 5 inches high-density support foam gives your back and posture the support it deserves.  

  • Is the mattress as thick as you want it to be? 

A memory foam mattress offers a thickness ranging from 6 to 14 inches. Thicker mattresses are usually more comfortable than a thin mattress, though this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. 

  • Hunt for memory foam mattresses with cooling layers

Wakefit memory foam mattress has an open cell CoolFit foam at the top which due to its open cell structure lets air pass through at all times thus preventing the mattress from heating up. Wink n Nod, on the contrary, uses cool gel memory foam to ensure temperature neutrality. Kurl-On has a 100 percent memory foam comfort layer with thick quilting that controls body temperature while giving the sleeper the comfortable sleep they invested in. 

  • Consider gel memory foam 

To improve air circulation in memory form, experts suggest that you choose gel memory foam. With this, you will also improve your mattress’ ability to provide back support. 

  • Do you need hypoallergenic protection? 

A good density memory foam mattress limits the spread of dust mites. To be doubly sure though, consider a bamboo fiber cover for your mattress, something that Wink n Nod offers.

Sleepy Cat mattresses have Certi-PUR-US certification that ensures these are free of toxins. 

  •  Select the right mattress size

Depending on your current bed frame, select a mattress that fits just right. You don’t want to regret later! Usually, one measures the inner cavity of the bed frame to get an idea of the size of the mattress they need to order. 

  • Get a mattress that is easy to clean 

Keeping a mattress clean goes a long way in making sure it lasts a lifetime. As such, check the product specifications to find out whether the mattress can be cleaned easily or not.

Wakefit mattresses come with 2 covers; an inner one and an outer one. While the inner one is fixed, the outer one can be removed and therefore cleaned. This helps maintain hygiene and ensures good sleep. Sleepy Cat, contrarily, has a Smart Zipper Cover which helps you with the maintenance. The cover can be cleaned easily in the washing machine for spills or spots. 

  • Check out online memory foam mattress reviews and pricing

To gauge the quality of the mattress, carefully read the available reviews. Then make sure the foam mattress price suits your budget. The cost and overall comfort, both are important when plumping for a product. 

You are unique, and so your mattress should not be any less exceptional. These tips should help you find the one that fits you best.