How long does memory foam mattress last?

People have been going gaga over memory foam mattresses for a while now. But is this bedding material worth the hype? 

In today’s post, we are going to look at how durable a memory foam mattress is. 

A mattress is a big investment. As such, it is necessary that it offers great qualities such as good support, firmness, motion isolation, temperature control, zero partner disturbance, etc. But it is also important that it lasts a long time. 

A memory foam mattress ticks all the boxes that we just mentioned. As a result, it is one of the top mattress choices around the globe. The mattress’s most unique ability is that of offering body contouring. The mattress can adapt to the sleeper’s body shape, thus preventing pressure from being created in the sleeper’s joints, neck, back, shoulders, and hips. A memory foam mattress also distributes your bodyweight uniformly throughout. This way, the sleeper’s spine is not bent in an unnatural way. Orthopedic memory foam mattresses are therefore a primary choice among people with back pain and/or arthritis. 

Memory foam mattresses that were developed initially had a problem of heating up during the night. Sleepers would complain of the mattress first absorbing body heat and then trapping it. This would cause them to sleep hot and uncomfortable throughout the night. Keeping this in mind, brands started brainstorming and developing ways in which this disadvantage could be overcome. Today brands around the globe incorporate various cooling technologies into their memory foam mattress design to ensure it does not heat up during the night, allowing the sleeper to get healthy and uninterrupted sleep. While some brands go for gel memory foam, others incorporate cooling crystals. There are others that are going for an open-cell structure memory foam mattress that absorbs body heat of the sleeper and circulates it instead of trapping it. This way the mattress breathes and gives the sleeper the ideal sleep. 

Also in terms of motion isolation, memory foam mattress does not disappoint. This makes the mattress suitable bedding material for people who share their beds. The mattress will absorb your motion through the night and isolate the same so that your partner is not disturbed. So slip in and out of bed at night to visit the fridge, and your partner will have no clue about it. 😉 

That covers comfort, firmness, temperature control, zero partner disturbance, etc. but what about durability? Let us now find out how long a memory foam mattress lasts. 

A memory foam mattress typically lasts for eight years. Good ones go up to 10 years without any trouble. This can be easily deciphered from the warranty offered by memory foam mattress brands on their memory foam products. Moreover, a memory foam mattress does not only last long, but it also maintains its other features throughout. So unlike a coir mattress, you need not worry about your memory foam bed sagging along the edges. Also, memory foam mattresses do not begin to disintegrate like an innerspring mattress which stop being comfortable as their metal coils begin to deteriorate and start making an annoying creaky noise. Memory foam mattress, especially a medium-firm memory foam mattress offers great support to the sleeper’s back and joints for a very long time. 

There are ways to increase your memory foam mattress’s lifespan. For example, you can get yourself a mattress protector. The mattress protector, as its name suggests, safeguards your mattress from spills and stains. A memory foam mattress is also hypoallergenic. This means that dust, dust mites, molds, and other microbes do not settle or seep into the mattress. This quality can be further enhanced by the mattress protector. By keeping the mattress clean and maintaining its hygiene and freshness for an extended period, a mattress protector makes a memory foam mattress even more durable. Therefore, it is suggested that you purchase a protector when you invest in a memory foam mattress. 

If you have small children and/or pets in the house, then it is even more recommended that a protector be purchased. By using the protector, you need not worry about your children and pets dirtying the mattress. 

A memory foam mattress is worth the investment. Have you tried one yet?