Looking for a good night’s sleep? A foam mattress might be your best bet

Why are foam mattresses one of the top-rated products in the sleep world?

Why are these the number one choice of experts as well as customers?

Are these what your sleepless nights need?

Should you get one?

This post answers all these questions and more.

Foam mattresses, over the last few decades, have gained unimaginable popularity in the kingdom of mattresses. The comfort these offer coupled with the firmness and durability, making them the ultimate choice.

Here are some of the top reasons to pick foam –

  1. The relief offered to the pressure points 

Memory foam mattress was initially introduced in the medical field. This was because of the comfort and protection it offered to patients in the ICU. It was also the material used in wheelchair seat cushions.

These mattresses, therefore, allow the sleeper to lay in one position for a long time without feeling any pain in the pressure points or sensitive areas.

The material conforms to your body shape, and as a result, contours to it. This is why you get the most comfortable sleep on a foam mattress.

  1. Spine alignment

Memory foam distributes the bodyweight of the sleeper evenly. This ensures that your back gets the support it needs. It allows your spine its natural alignment, and as a result, does not affect your posture.

In other mattresses, for example, spring mattress, the back, shoulders, and hips of the sleeper are adversely affected since the mattress cannot support these points.

You will have no such trouble with foam mattress for it’s a firm mattress!

  1. Respite from pain

Since the mattress alleviates the stress felt by the pressure points in your body and gives your spine the support it needs, sleeping on it for a while will help you get rid of body pain.

People with arthritis often swear by this sleep solution. And so do those with fibromyalgia.

As the mattress reduces body pain, it offers better sleep.

  1. Your sleeping position is not an issue 

Whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper, or someone who sleeps on their stomach, a memory foam mattress will love you without discrimination!

The best foam mattress comes with a variety of firmness options, and so you can choose one that complements your sleep position the best.

  1. Offers motion isolation

Most mattress types cannot offer motion isolation, and that becomes one of their biggest drawbacks. This is not the case with memory foam. It can accommodate the movements of both the sleepers without disturbing either of them.

The mattress absorbs motion, and then instead of transferring it, isolates it. Therefore, if one sleeper rolls over, the other is not joggled out of sleep.

  1. Low maintenance 

The best and yet requires the least care, what more would anyone want?

Memory foam mattresses do not need monthly flipping, unlike spring and coir. Vacuuming them once a year is enough because they are resistant to dust and mites.

If you are someone who cannot dedicate a lot of time to take care of your mattress, then this is your best bet.

  1. Durability 

One of the biggest benefits that we saved for the last is durability. The lifespan of a memory foam mattress is something that makes it such a big hit.

The mattress does not only last longer, but it is also less likely to sag compared to other mattresses.

Let’s quickly recap all the benefits of a foam mattress, shall we?

  • A foam mattress conforms to the body shape of the sleeper. It also distributes the body weight uniformly so that there is no pressure on different parts of the sleeper’s body – the neck, the joints, and the hips.
  • Foam mattress helps alleviate back pain. It makes sure that your spine maintains its natural alignment and that it is not bent in a way that might affect your posture in the long run.
  • High density foam mattresses last for a long time and are durable.
  • Foam mattresses offer motion isolation. If you have a fidgety sleeping partner who tosses and turns through the night, then you have nothing to worry about. Your mattress will absorb the motion, thus isolating it. In other words, you will not be jostled out of sleep.
  • Foam mattress does not discriminate sleepers on the basis of how they sleep, that is, whether they sleep on their stomachs, their backs, or on their sides.
  • Foam mattresses are low maintenance. Unless using them really roughly and with a motive to destroy them, these mattresses do not require special care of any kind.

Do you own a memory foam mattress? What has your experience been like? What do you like best about your mattress?