Mattress Material Guide. Here’s you what you need to know about them

What goes into a memory foam mattress that makes it so good for your sleep? Around the world, memory foam is considered one of the best mattress choices for sleepers who believe in the science of sleep and really care about their sleep quality.

The technology and the materials involved in the construction of a memory foam mattress is crucial for offering healthy sleep.

Did you know, the visco-elastic memory foam was actually developed for NASA in 1966? How did it go from being a product developed to help humans reach space to being one that helps them reach dreamland?

When the benefits of memory foam for both medical as well as consumer uses were realized, memory foam mattresses were developed to help every person get the good night sleep that they deserved.

Let us now look at the reason why memory foam is such a popular choice.

Orthopedic relief 

The orthopedic memory foam mattresses are bringing back relief to millions of sleepers.

These mattresses take the body shape of the person sleeping on them and contour it. As a result, the spine is not bent in an unnatural way causing pain and discomfort. On the contrary, the orthopedic memory foam mattress can even correct your posture over prolonged use.

The mattress also uniformly distributes the bodyweight of the sleeper, thus ensuring that the neck, shoulders, and hips feel no pressure during sleep. It also prevents blood clots and restlessness – because of this, the sleeper wakes up feeling fit and fresh, as they should.

When memory foam was introduced into the medical field, it was used for wheelchair cushions. The same level of comfort and protection is provided by the material now being used in mattresses worldwide.

Motion isolation 

Most people complain about waking up multiple times throughout the night because their partner is a restless sleeper. Well, with memory foam, you can bid adieu to this problem.

When one of the partners tosses and turns in their sleep, memory foam absorbs the motion and isolates it so that the other sleeper does not get disturbed. Isn’t that great?

Temperature neutrality 

In the early days when it was introduced in mattresses, memory foam was often criticized for its inability to provide temperature neutrality. Many sleepers then complained about the material heating up during the night and making it very difficult for them to sleep comfortably.

This is no longer a problem, as companies around the world who provide sleep solutions are integrating new cooling technology into their design to improve temperature neutrality. While some come with cooling crystals, others have an open-cell CoolFit foam or a memory foam comfort layer with heavy quilting. Some might even incorporate a cool gel memory foam in their design.

Accommodates different sleep positions 

Orthopedic mattresses can accommodate any sleep position. So whether you sleep on your back, your stomach, or on your sides, the mattress will benefit you and will ensure you get the best kind of sleep.

The mattress allows you to sleep in the position that you find the most comfortable. It conforms to the shape as it is, and makes sure your pressure points are not affected.

If you are someone who sleeps on their backs, then memory foam orthopedic mattress will curve to your spine, instead of bending it in an unnatural way. It also conforms to the sleeper’s shoulders as well as hips so that the points are not hurt in any way. Even while supporting the joints, the mattress ensures the spine maintains its natural alignment.


The Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is the best option for people who suffer from allergies.

The foam repels allergens such as mold and pet dander. The materials that go into making the foam protect sensitive skin that reacts to harsh chemicals or fragrances. So you need not worry about rashes and/or other skin outbreaks.

Protects against mites 

Dust mites are everywhere, and mattresses are their favorite campsite! With Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, however, these mites don’t have it their way.

Unlike an innerspring mattress that houses about 10 million dust mites (if not more!), cool memory foam has a dense structure, and so, does not allow mites to enter, assemble, and collect over the years.

Do you own an Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress? What has your experience been like? Do you have any complaints?