Memory Foam Mattress to Invest in 2020

Memory foam mattress

The ultimate mattress buying guide India is here. In this post, we tell you everything about which mattress to buy, what features the best mattresses in the market have, what features a good mattress should have, comfort mattress price, etc. 

Before we tell you about the best memory mattress to invest in, in 2020, let us tell you why a memory foam mattress makes for a good investment.

Spinal alignment

Memory foam mattresses have a special ability to adapt to the body shape of the sleeper. Whether you sleep on your back, your sides or your stomach, the mattress will conform to your body shape and give your body the rest it needs. The main advantage of this kind of body support is that your spine is not bent in any unnatural way. By maintaining the natural alignment of the spine, the mattress prevents back pain and postural defects too. 

Alleviates joint pain

A memory foam mattress will distribute your body weight in such a way that no pressure points are created in your neck, shoulders, and hips. As a result, you wake up with no ache or pain in these areas or in any other joints. This also ensures that you feel no restlessness during your sleep. The mattress also prevents the creation of blood clots in your body. Thus, your overall health improves by using a memory foam mattress. 

Motion isolation 

These mattresses can absorb the motion of one sleeper when they toss or turn, and completely isolate it so that the other sleeper is not disturbed in their sleep. The mattress offers zero disturbance sleep through motion separation. As a result, it is a great mattress for people who share their beds. 

Temperature neutrality 

To counter the problem of body heat getting trapped, memory foam mattress brands today incorporate a cooling technology into their design. This could be cooling crystals, or gel memory foam, or open-cell structure memory foam layer, or cooling gel foam. These mattresses, due to the cooling technology, absorb the body heat of the sleeper, but instead of trapping it, circulate it through it so that the sleeper sleeps comfortably. 


Memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic. These keep dust and mites away. They do not let the dust settle on the mattress’ surface or seep into its layers. This way, the mattress protects your skin, your eyes,your breathing, and your overall health. 

Now that we know why a memory foam mattress is the type you need in your bedroom, let us help you decide which memory foam mattress to go for in 2020. 

Best memory foam mattress 2020

  • Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, Wakefit 

Wakefit’s Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is definitely one of the strongest contenders on this list. It gives phenomenal back support, is hypoallergenic, provides motion isolation to sleeping partners, is good at adapting to the body shape of the sleeper, and protects against postural defects. The mattress has an open cell structure for temperature neutrality. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years.

  • Sleepyhead Sense, Sleepyhead 

Sleepyhead claims to take naps very seriously. As such, the brand has included a Phase Change Cooling Foam, that gives the sleeper the ultimate sleeping experience. This mattress by Sleepyhead absorbs and circulates body heat of the sleeper to help maintain the right temperature for sleep so that the sleeper is not disturbed as they snooze peacefully. 

  • Dual Comfort Mattress, Wakefit  

Wakefit’s Dual Comfort Mattress comes with two sleepable surfaces. While one side is relatively firmer, the other is soft and gives a sleeping on a cloud kind of experience. Depending on the sleep need for the night, you can use one of the two sides for sleep.

  • Lumbar Orthopedic Mattress, Wink n Nod 

Wink n Nod’s Orthopedic Mattress uses a high-quality memory foam that supports your spine while also preventing back pain. The mattress has a cool gel memory foam that ensures heat is not trapped. The mattress comes with a removable outer cover that can be washed as and when.

These mattresses have performed exceedingly well and are loved by customers. Do you own any of these? How has your experience been so far?