Memory foam mattress with best warranty

motion isolation

Before we get into deciding which memory foam mattresses offer the best mattress warranties, let us have a loot at what features of memory foam mattress should one pay attention to apart from the warranty which is an indication of how durable the mattress is. 

Why should one invest in a memory foam mattress? 

Here are the features that make memory foam mattresses the best bedding material:

  • Motion Isolation 

A memory foam mattress offers motion isolation. When two people share a memory foam mattress, they can expect to get zero disturbance sleep. When one sleeper tosses or turns or slips in and out of bed, the sleeper will not be disturbed at all. This is because the mattress will absorb the sleeper’s motion and completely isolate it so that the other sleeper can continue his or her sleep. This motion separation is an essential feature for people who share their beds. 

  • Hypoallergenic 

A memory foam mattress keeps dust at bay. Not just dust, the mattress is also resistant to moulds and any other type of allergen. By not allowing the dust to settle on its surface, the mattress protects your skin from allergies. By preventing dust mites from seeping into its layers, a memory foam mattress helps people with breathing problems, such as asthma and chronic sinusitis. It also contributes to the mattress’ durability. 

  1.  Body contouring 

The next feature is a memory foam mattress’s ability to offer body contouring. By adapting to your body shape perfectly, a memory foam mattress will cuddle you to sleep. The mattress also distributes the sleeper’s body weight perfectly and gives greater support to the heavier parts while providing adequate support to the lighter parts. This way, the mattress ensures you don’t feel like you have sunk into the mattress. It also prevents pressure points and helps you wake up without any pain in your neck, shoulders, and hips. 

  • Spinal alignment 

By adapting to your body shape and uniformly distributing your body weight, the mattress will ensure your spine is not bent in any unnatural way. This way it ensures your back pain is not aggravated. It also makes sure no defects are caused in your posture due to bad sleeping position. 

  • Temperature neutrality 

The mattress will absorb your body heat and circulate it completely so that you do not sleep hot throughout the night. To do so, modern memory foam mattress brands have a cooling technology incorporated into their mattress design. Gel memory foam and memory foam layers with open cell structures are a few examples of cooling technology. 

For those who want to buy mattress online, the warranty becomes a very important feature. Let us now look at which mattresses offer the best warranties online. 

Memory foam mattress with best warranty 

  • Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress 

Wakefit’s Ortho mattress is one of the most durable sleeping solutions available online. Not only does it last long, but it also ticks all the boxes, such as body shape adaptability, body weight distribution, spinal alignment, temperature neutrality, and motion isolation. It is also hypoallergenic, so people with sensitive skin or eyes have nothing to worry about. 

Warranty: 10 years 

  • Sleepwell Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepwell’s Memory Foam Mattress offers great motion isolation to sleepers. It also claims to work well for people with back issues and spine-related problems. The mattress allows two types of firmnesses. While one side is medium-firm, the other side offers medium softness to the sleeper. Depending on what kind of support your body needs during sleep, you can choose a side. 

Warranty: 5 years 

  • Comforto Duplex Dual Comfort Mattress 

The next mattress on our list is Comforto Duplex 4 Inch Dual Comfort Single Size Foam Mattress. The mattress is soft and feels plush against the skin. It is a reversible mattress with a seasonal advantage. While you can use the soft cloud-like side for summers, you can go for the hard side for winters. Also, if you use the mattress in the guest room, your guests can pick a side depending on their individual sleep requirements. 

Warranty: 11 years (2 years complete warranty) 

Which mattress do you currently own? What is the warranty offered by the brand? Let us know in the comments.