Not able to get the all important sleep? Check out these best mattress brands!

Memory Foam Mattress

Are you planning to get a new mattress? Are you weighing your options? Well, you have come to the right place. 

Here is the ultimate guide on the best mattress brands in India that you can choose from.  

But before we dive into that, let us have a look at why we are limiting our search to memory foam mattress brands alone.  

Why memory foam tops the list on types of mattresses?

Memory foam is the perfect sleeping solution for people looking for a gentle sleeping experience. 

Its body contouring properties allow it to uniformly distribute the bodyweight of the sleeper, thus alleviating the pain felt by various pressure points. 

By maintaining the natural alignment of the sleeper, memory foam over a course of time enhances the posture of the sleeper. 

Memory foam mattresses today come with advanced cooling technology to ensure temperature neutrality. While some brands use cooling crystals, others come with highly developed cool gel foam that prevents heat from being trapped in the mattress. This, in turn, makes sure that you have a good sleeping experience through the night.

Now that we know what makes memory foam such a hit among mattresses, let us have a look at the best online mattress brands that you cannot ignore. 

Best Online Mattress Companies

Here is the list of the best mattress brands that you can shop online. 


  • Wakefit 


Wakefit is amongst our top picks because of its potential to provide both comforts as well as proper spinal alignment. 

The brand has paid special attention to design its products after consulting not only with experts but also post interactions with hundreds of customers exploring their needs and requirements. 

Not just this, the brand, furthermore, approached the R&D to ensure that the customer’s requirements remain the top priority.

The Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress by Wakefit, therefore, has a unique design since it is created keeping the customer’s needs in mind. 

The open cell CoolFit foam is Wakefit’s clever answer to the often-cited problem of memory foam heating up through the night. The foam’s open cell structure allows air to pass through at all times thus maintaining temperature neutrality. 

Firmness is another area where this brand excels. The zonal support transition layer of their orthopedic mattress gives the sleeper’s body the firmness it needs. While the heavy parts of the body receive greater firmness, the lighter parts are given adequate support without making the sleeper feel pushed up on top. As a whole, the mattress maintains the natural alignment of the spine by ensuring that it is not bent in any way. 

The memory foam adapts to the body weight of the sleeper, thus alleviating the pain often felt by our pressure points like joints, neck, and shoulders during sleep. 

The 10-year warranty speaks for the durability of the products. 


  • SleepyHead 


SleepyHead’s memory foam mattress with its cooling properties has made it one of the best online sleep solutions brands. 

The SleepyHead Sense is a consistently cool mattress that uses space-age PCM cooling technology. 

The memory foam layer contours the body shape of the sleeper and uniformly distributes their weight to ensure that the spine remains naturally aligned and that there is no pressure felt by the joints, shoulders, and the back. 

The 10-year warranty card is alluring too. 


  • SleepyCat 


SleepyCat’s high-quality gel memory foam mattress is our next pick on this list of best mattress brands online. 

This orthopedic mattress provides perfect support to your spine while giving comfort and relaxation to the rest of your body. 

The mattress constitutes of 1-inch gel memory foam and 5 inches of support foam. The cooling crystals in the memory foam layer ensure that the mattress does not get too hot through the night. 

The mattress protects against dust, dirt, and other allergens. 

The only drawback according to us? The mattress comes with a 5-year warranty card. 


  • Wink n Nod 


Wink n Nod with its innovative and sleep focused solutions is a brand you just cannot overlook on this guide. 

One of the key factors that make Wink n Nod a top choice is the cool gel and cooling fabric they use in their mattresses that maintains temperature neutrality through the night and through the year. 

From Orthopedic solutions to reversible mattresses for posture correction with 4 inch of high-density layer for firm support to ensure shape retention even after prolonged use, the brand has it all. 

Wink n Nod also provides a 10-year warranty on its mattresses. 


  • Sleepwell 


Sleepwell with its SleepX Brill PU Foam mattress is a memory foam mattress that provides the sleeper’s body the ultimate support they could wish for. 

The mattress is created with advanced Neem Fresche technology that keeps microbes and other allergens at bay. Also, the plush fabric on top gives you optimal comfort and feeling of luxury. 

The warranty period, however, is a bummer since it’s only 3 years. Also, we thought that it is a little overpriced. 

All the brands on this list have received excellent customer reviews which speak tons about their quality and how they match customer expectations. 

We hope that this guide answers all your questions regarding best mattress brands which through quality products ensure quality sleep, thus helping you improve your sleep score!