Pillow Talk: Why you should go for memory foam pillows

Everyone has been talking about memory foam pillows of late. Are they really worth the hype? What are the factors that are causing people to gush over these pillows?

We will find out in today’s post!

History of memory foam 

Before we go into the details of pillows made of memory foam, we should browse through the history of memory foam.

Memory foam was developed by NASA’s Ames Research Center in 1966. The material was supposed to enhance the safety of the cushions on the aircraft.

Memory foam became very popular in the medical space, being used most commonly for beds of patients who had to lie down for long periods of time. Since memory foam uniformly distributes the bodyweight of the sleeper, it ensures that the pressure points like the neck, shoulders, and hips of the sleeper are not strained during the night.

In 1991, Tempur-Pedic Swedish Mattress incorporated the material into their designs.

Traditionally, memory foam was criticized for its inability to provide temperature neutrality. Over the last three decades, new technologies have been introduced to memory foam in order to make it efficient at air and heat circulation.

Some of these technologies include gel memory foam, CoolFit foam, cooling crystals, etc. A CoolFit foam, for example, allows an open cell structure so that the heat absorbed from the sleeper’s body is not trapped, but circulated, allowing the sleeper to sleep comfortably through the night.

Why should you choose a memory foam pillow? 

Memory foam benefits 

Below are the factors which make memory foam pillow an ideal pillow choice:

  1. Contouring  

Memory foam has the unique ability to conform to the body shape of the sleeper.

When used in pillows, they take the shape of the sleeper’s head to support it better. A memory foam that offers medium firmness will make sure the head does not sink in too much since that again can cause trouble for the sleeper.

Also, the material distributes body weight evenly, thus making sure no strain is felt on the neck and that your neck and spine maintain their natural alignment.

  1. Pain relief 

For those who have regular neck pain, memory foam pillows can offer relief. Not just the neck, all the pressure points in our body, like the shoulders and the hips are saved from being put in an uncomfortable and painful position.

If in spite of using a good pillow, there is neck pain, then chances are your sleeping position is the problem, and therefore, needs to change.

  1. Natural alignment of the spine 

When the neck is supported, the spine is also in place.

Coupling a memory foam pillow with a memory foam mattress will help you ensure that the spine is not bent unnaturally. All of this taken together helps make sure you sleep well and wake up fresh.

  1. Helps with snoring

If you tend to snore in your sleep, then using a memory foam pillow might help with that.

Since the pillow makes certain that the neck and spine are in line, it also ensures the air passages are not blocked. When air is allowed to pass through without any trouble, then you have no difficulty in breathing, and therefore no snoring.

  1. Keeps allergens at bay  

Since memory foam is hypoallergenic, a memory foam mattress will keep bacteria that turn into molds, away from your bedding.

Memory foam is also anti-dust mites. It does not allow dust to settle on the pillow, therefore, making sure you do not catch a cold.

  1. Higher density 

Since these pillows are of a higher density than other pillows, they last for a longer time.

The memory foam pillow is not only durable, but it also maintains its properties for as long as it lives.

  1. Easy to maintain  

Maintaining a memory foam pillow and keeping its freshness intact for a long time is easier compared to the care that goes into regular pillows.

You can either spot-clean your pillow or in case it comes with an external cover, removes the cover and throws it into the machine for a spin.

The reasons are plenty. Yes, we are fans too, and you should join the bandwagon as well.

Have you used a memory foam product? How has your experience been? Share with us or review the product in our comments.