The Best Mattress: A list curated for couples!

When purchasing a mattress for two people to sleep on some of your requirements do change. 

While factors like comfort, firmness, durability, hygiene, etc. still remain the same, there are additional requirements such as motion isolation and the ability of the mattress to accommodate different sleeping styles. 

After going through several reviews by customers, we have curated a list of the four best online mattress brands that offer the right mattresses for couples. 

Mattresses for couples

Here are the top 4 mattress brands for couples, in no particular order. 


  • Wakefit 


Considering sneaking out for a snack without disturbing your partner who’s sleeping cozily? This mattress makes it possible by offering the ultimate motion separation. 

Wakefit’s memory foam mattresses absorb the motion of the sleepers and isolate it completely. This way, the other sleeper is not disturbed at all. So if you have the habit of shifting in your sleep or going to the loo, a couple of times, you need not worry about causing discomfort to your partner. 

The other great feature of the mattress is that it accommodates all sleeping positions. The high-quality memory foam allows the sleeper to change positions through the night, and in every position maintains the natural alignment of the sleeper’s spine. As a result, no pressure points are created in the neck, hips, shoulders and other joints. Over a period of time, the posture of the sleepers is corrected. 

The mattress also distributes the bodyweight of the sleepers uniformly so that no restlessness or blood clots arise in the sleepers’ bodies. 

The mattress has a CoolFit foam with an open-cell structure that allows temperature neutrality so that both the sleepers can sleep cool the entire time, making this the ultimate choice for couples. 


  • Kurl On  


The next mattress brand on today’s list of mattresses for couples is Kurl-On. 

The Kurl-On memory foam is helping all people who have sedentary lifestyles. The mattress conforms to the body shape of the sleeper, thus preventing neck pain, shoulder aches, and/or discomfort in the joints. 

It ranks high in the motion separation index, which makes it a great investment for people who share their beds with a partner. It offers zero disturbance while sleeping with another person. The mattress is also very durable, lasting for a number of years. 

The other features to look at include the mattress’ ultra-fresh technology, which helps maintain the hygiene of the bedding by keeping dust mites, molds, microbes and other allergens at bay, and its ACD technology. 


  • Wink & Nod 


The Wink & Nod mattress offers great sleep to anyone and everyone, irrespective of their sleeping positions. So if your partner likes to sleep on their sides, while you are a mixed sleeper (someone who changes positions through the night), then you have nothing to worry about. This mattress will accommodate both of your needs. It is irrelevant whether you sleep on your back, your sides, your stomach, or are a mixed sleeper, this mattress looks after your sleep without discrimination! 

When sleeping with a partner, motion isolation becomes a crucial concern. Wink n Nod have memory foam mattresses that absorb motion, and then completely isolate it. Forget about the times traditional mattresses would cause motion waves, disturbing the other sleeper. With Wink n Nod’s memory foam mattress, even if the other person gets out of bed, you can continue with your deep sleep. 


  • Urban ladder  


Urban ladder offers high density foam mattresses, rubberized coir mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and orthopedic mattresses. The ortho mattress is particularly designed to provide proper alignment to the sleeper’s spine during sleep. This support improves the overall comfort offered by the mattress. 

The mattress distributes the body weight of the sleeper evenly thus alleviating the pain felt by the sleeper’s shoulders, hips, and other joints. 

These mattresses are durable and retain their qualities for a long time. 

The chief feature, however, is its full motion separation. Apart from this, the mattress is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial. As a result, it is a good choice for people with breathing issues, sensitive skins, allergic eyes, and those who tend to easily catch a cold. 

The mattress adapts to the body shape of the sleeper, thus giving the ultimate comfort and helping avoid any postural problems.