The Best Travel Neck Pillows for Traveling

Has travel become a major hassle because you cannot sleep on long flights or train rides? The travel neck pillow created with superior quality memory foam is the best gift you can give your neck this year.

If you don’t want traveling to be a pain in the neck, literally, then get one of these brilliant memory foam travel neck pillows that can be easily ordered online. 

Best memory foam travel neck pillows 


  • Wakefit 


The Wakefit Travel Neck Pillow takes both hygiene and comfort into account. It is a memory foam travel neck pillow that conforms to the sleeper’s neck, thus providing optimal support during sleep. It does not cause any neck pain after use since the pillow adapts to the shape of the sleeper’s neck. 

The pillow comes with an external cover that has a zip. This zipped cover is created with a soft fabric that feels luxurious against your skin. This cover can be removed and washed as and when thus maintaining the freshness and cleanliness of the product. The pillow also comes with an adjustable strap in the front so that you can adjust its shape as well as tie it to your travel bag so that you don’t lose it. 


  • Wink & Nod 


The next travel pillow we need to mention on our list of best memory foam travel neck pillows is Wink & Nod. This is a premium travel pillow created with memory foam for great neck support. 

The fabric is a Kooltex fabric that comes with moisture-wicking technology. This allows you to keep the pillow clean and fresh throughout. The outer cover is highly absorptive. As a result, it quickly dries so your pillow need not be without an outer cover for a long time.  

The inner cover of the Wink & Nod travel pillow is made with 100% cotton with Lycra giving the pillow its hypoallergenic quality. 


  • ProQ 


The ProQ travel neck pillow is a 100% pure memory foam pillow. Due to the memory foam used, the pillow makes sure that your neck does not face any jerks during your travel nap. As a result, you sleep comfortably throughout your journey as if you were sleeping on your bed. 

The pillow comes with an eye mask to create the right darkness gradient for you to fall asleep in. It also has noise-isolating earplugs to ensure you are not disturbed during your sleep. So the annoying flight noise or the chatter of your co-passengers will have no effect on your sleep. 

This travel neck pillow is designed ergonomically to give your neck the best sleeping position. By using this pillow, you significantly lower your chances of developing a bad posture. 

The pillow is also portable like the others on this list. Since it is easy to carry along, it is not a travel hassle. 


  • Angel Bear  


The Angel Bear memory foam pillow is 100% pure viscoelastic. According to the manufacturers, the pillow contains no additives. It has an ultra-plush velour cover with a zipper. This cover can be easily removed and washed whenever the user wishes. 

The pillow can be adjusted to suit the user’s neck shape and size. The pillow overcomes the drawback of standard U shaped pillows by giving your neck the orthopedic contouring on both sides of your neck. As a result, this soft and yet supportive travel neck pillow gives you the travel sleep of your dream. 

The pillow is lightweight, it can be carried anywhere easily, not just while traveling on a flight, but also while in the car, bus or train. It has a padded eye mask to help you fall asleep quickly. It comes with a button lock that can be snapped to your travel bag without an effort. 

The brand offers a lifetime replacement guarantee. If anything goes wrong with the pillow, then you can easily return your pillow. 


What is the biggest struggle that you face while traveling with regards to sleep? Share with us in the comments. 

Are you using a travel neck pillow currently? Is it memory foam? What would you say are its biggest strengths and what according to you could be better?