What is the difference between foam and memory foam?

Memory Foam Mattres

A good night’s sleep depends significantly on the right back support and a comfortable mattress. The wrong mattress can give you not only sleepless nights but also prolonged back problems that are challenging to deal with. The ideal mattress should adequately support your back and keep your spine in a neutral position. Therefore, it is wise to put a lot of thought into which mattress to buy.

Some of the common types of mattresses available in the market sphere are simple foam, memory foam, gel, innerspring, latex, water bed, air bed, etc. Currently, foam mattresses are the most popular mattresses because they provide total body support and avoid unnecessary mattress motions while changing sides while sleeping. If, however, you opt for a foam mattress, then you have to further choose between memory foam and simple foam. Mentioned below are detailed descriptions of both to help you make an informed choice. 

 Memory Foam Mattress 

What Are Memory Foam Mattresses?

The structure of a memory foam mattress entails memory foam and other layers of different densities of foam. These mattresses are very tough and impenetrable so that no substance can pass through them, but when you put pressure on it by lying down, it will take the shape of your body and return to its original form when you get up. 

Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

  • Maximum support and comfort: Because memory foam can take the shape of your body, it provides correct alignment to the spinal cord and the back.
  • No movement: Normal mattresses tend to move a lot when you switch sides while sleeping, which can lead to disrupted sleep. A memory foam mattress prevents the unwanted movement even when you toss and turn while sleeping.
  • Dust and mite resistant: Because of their hardness and visco-elasticity, mites and dust particles cannot penetrate the surface of these mattresses. Thus, they remain clean and hygienic for a prolonged period.
  • Appropriate for all positions: No matter what position you sleep in, a memory foam mattress will keep you comfortable. It can adapt itself to all sleeping positions of front sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers alike.

 Simple Foam Mattress

What Is a Simple Foam Mattress?

As compared to memory foam, a simple foam mattress has a medium level of firmness. It is designed using large bubbles that act similar to memory foam by bouncing back and regaining their original shape after release of pressure. The only difference you might encounter in this type of mattress is that the sinking feeling might not be as good as a memory foam mattress.

Benefits of a Simple Foam Mattress

  • Cheaper price: Memory foam mattresses might promise slightly better comfort than simple foam mattresses, but they are also more expensive. A simple foam mattress can provide you with the support you need but at a somewhat lower price.
  • Available in all sizes: You can choose from a variety of sizes, such as single foam mattress, double mattress size, etc. You can also have them made according to specific requirements if any.
  • Dust and mite resistant: Since they are hard to penetrate because of their thick density, simple foam mattresses tend to be dust and mite resistant. Chances of you catching a dust allergy because of a foam mattress are very few.
  • Orthopedic bed: Orthopedic doctors often recommend these mattresses to patients with back problems, as their firmness keeps the back straight and can be beneficial for back conditions.

 To Conclude

It is vital to make an informed decision when choosing a mattress. If you are still unsure about which mattress to choose, you can also buy a mattress online on websites like Wakefit. It offers highly detailed product descriptions, which can guide you in making a perfect choice. Moreover, its excellent customer service will ensure a hassle-free buying experience.