Which is the best memory foam mattress in terms of firmness

Medium Firm Mattress

When it comes to buying a mattress, the first two things that the buyer must consider are firmness and comfort. A firm mattress is one that supports your body well when you sleep. It does not create pressure points in your body. However, you need to strike a balance: you cannot go for a mattress that is extremely firm or one that is super soft and does not support your body at all. A mattress that is too firm will push your body on top, not giving you the snuggled up feeling you need when sleeping. A mattress that is too soft, on the other hand, will trap you and make movement difficult by making you feel like you are stuck. So what should a sleeper do? Go for a medium-firm mattress

A medium-firm memory foam mattress will distribute your bodyweight uniformly. It will offer the heavier parts of your body more support while giving the softer parts just the amount of firmness they need. By doing so, the mattress will prevent pressure points from being created in your neck, shoulders, and hips. You also don’t feel restless during sleep or wake up with blood clots. 

An ortho mattress made of memory foam will ensure that the spine of the sleeper is not bent in an unnatural way. This is a very crucial feature as it ensures the spine maintains its natural alignment. By doing so, the mattress will also make sure no postural defects are caused in the sleeper. 

In today’s post, we will be looking at some of the best memory foam mattresses in terms of firmness. 

Best firm mattress 

  •  Memory Foam Mattress by Emma 

The memory foam sleeping solution by Emma has three layers that offer comfort to the sleeper. The visco-elastic memory foam layer will lend the sleeper all the goodness of memory foam, the airgocell-layer will prevent the sleeper from sleeping hot, and the durable polyurethane layer will give the sleeper’s body the support it needs during sleep. 


  • Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress by Wakefit 


The Ortho mattress by Wakefit is one of the best mattresses available online. This mattress will offer a great body contouring feature to the sleeper where it adapts perfectly to the sleeper’s body shape. It also offers uniform body weight distribution. These two features work in tandem to give proper spinal alignment to the sleeper. The mattress is a medium-firm mattress that neither makes you feel like you are pushed right on top nor does it swallow you right in. The mattress also offers other features, such as motion isolation, temperature neutrality, and protection against allergens. 


  •   Gel Memory Foam Mattress by SleepyCat 


SleepyCat’s Gel Memory Foam Mattress is also on this list of best mattresses in terms of firmness. This mattress gives your back the rest it needs. You can say bye to your neck aches too as this mattress will not create pressure around your neck when you sleep on it. The mattress also provides motion isolation. When one sleeper turns or tosses, this mattress will absorb the motion completely and isolate it totally so that the other sleeper is not disturbed in their sleep. 

  •   Dual comfort Mattress by Sleepwell 

Sleepwell’s Dual Comfort Mattress is firm on one side and softer on the other side. The mattress, however, comes only with a 3 years manufacturer warranty. Also, it is not great for people with back pain or people experiencing anything other orthopedic problems.


  • Dual Comfort Mattress by Wakefit 


The Dual Comfort Mattress by Wakefit comes with two different firmness. While one side gives the feeling of sleeping on a cloud, the other side gives greater firmness to sleepers who require more support. Depending on your personal sleep requirements, you can choose the side you would like to go for. The layers also have a weather-related element to them. When it is hot, it is suggested that you go for the medium-soft side, and when it is winters, try the medium-firm side.  

Which mattress do you currently own? How long have you been using it? Do you share it with someone? Let us know in the comments below.