Which kind of mattress is best for summer?

Best Mattress for Sleep

To ensure a good night’s sleep, it is important to understand the sleeping habits of an individual and then choose a mattress that suits their needs the best. Just as sleeping habits vary from person to person, weather, hot or cold, plays a pivotal role in deciding upon the kind of mattress you want for your personal use.

With summer months knocking at the door, it is essential to select a mattress that relinquishes the heat and stays cool. Such mattresses have special features that can beat the heat and give you a comfortable and sound sleep in summers. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they are not suitable for use during the winter months. Their extraordinary features provide equal comfort during winter nights as well.

Moreover, there are special mattresses for hot sleepers that impart tolerance towards the heat, especially during the hot and humid summer months. Hence it is important to be wise and calculative when making your choice with mattresses to beat the heat during the upcoming summer stretch.

Why be selective when choosing a mattress during summers?

There are myriad kinds of mattresses available in the market. Each one carries their specific features and benefits. During summers, when the surrounding room temperatures are pretty high, and even our body tends to generate an excessive amount of heat, it becomes mandatory to choose a breathable and cool mattress. 

Mattresses recommended during the summer season

A cool summer mattress should compulsorily have breathability and heat retention capabilities. Mattress manufacturers are now developing products that have a breathable layer on top that permits air circulation. Here is a list of the kinds of mattresses that are most recommended to be used during the hot summer months.

  1. Coir mattresses- In a coir mattress, the primary material used is coconut fibre while the top layer is covered with polyurethane foam. They are naturally ventilated and provide good air circulation. They allow good ventilation through which heat can escape easily. This keeps them naturally cool during summers.
  2. Foam mattresses- Foam mattresses, made out of natural materials, like latex or Talalay tend to conduct heat very well. Both latex and Talalay are extracted from the sap of the rubber tree. Hence, they are made of natural materials and therefore do not get hot in high temperatures. This means they remain cool in hot seasons, do not trap heat and hence prove to be a comfortable mattress for hot sleepers.
  3. Innerspring mattresses- These mattresses are also air circulated and impact breathability immensely. The best feature of these mattresses is that they absorb a very small amount of body heat and are therefore regarded as one of the coolest mattress options for ensuring sound sleep during summer. Hence, these mattresses can also be quite helpful in recalling heat during the hot summer months, but they do not prove to be as effective as the latex and Talalay varieties.

How to sleep cool during the hot season

It is a known fact that fluctuating temperatures and alternating humidity levels have a direct impact on our quality of sleep. Apart from having a cool and weather-friendly mattress, certain steps can be taken to ensure that your bed remains a haven of restfulness even during the hot season.

Keep the bedroom temperature around 67 degrees Fahrenheit- The ideal temperature for sleeping comfortably at night is 67 degrees Fahrenheit (19 degrees Celsius). You can use your home’s thermostat, irrespective of what the weather conditions are, to ensure a sound sleep even during the summer months. 

  1. Maintain a relative humidity between 30% to 50%- It is the excessive moisture in the air that can make even a moderate temperature feel extremely hot and sticky. The reason being humidity hampers maintenance of the natural body temperature due to sweat released from it. Hence, a dehumidifier or a stand-alone humidity gauge can help in monitoring and adjusting the humidity levels in the bedroom, which in turn would ensure a cool and comfortable environment to sleep in.
  2. Run fans in the bedroom- air circulation within the room helps to evaporate sweat from your body, and this can be best done by running fans in the bedroom. Using a ceiling fan in the summer months helps proper regulation of body temperature, which in turn ensures sound sleep during summer. 
  3. Use breathable sheets- Along with mattress for sensitive skin, it is advisable to use sheets made of fabrics that wick the moisture away, thereby helping you to sleep in a cool and comfortable manner.

In Conclusion

Remember, the quality of sleep that you get at night determines your productivity y and energy levels throughout the next day. Hence, to sleep comfortably during the scorching summer months, it is important to choose the right mattress and even adapt sensible. Develop simple ways to keep the environment around you cool, making it relaxing to sleep in. 

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