Why memory foam is better than latex – Exploring all the arguments

Latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses are two very popular mattress choices among customers. Both these mattresses have their own advantages, but what makes memory foam better than latex

In today’s post, we will be discussing all the properties of memory foam that make it superior compared to latex. 


Viscoelastic mattresses are usually dense and ensure that liquids do not easily pass through them. Also, this property lends the mattress its elastic feature. 

When you press your palm on the surface of a viscoelastic mattress and press hard, the mattress conforms to the shape of your hand. However, as soon as you lift your hand, the mattress regains its original shape.

Though latex is viscoelastic too, good quality memory foam displays superior viscoelastic quality.

The viscoelasticity of foam varies from brand to brand. This depends on the materials and quality of materials used by the particular company to construct the foam. A viscoelastic foam mattress is a memory foam mattress.

Temperature neutrality 

Latex mattresses control temperature really well. However, this depends on the quality of the mattress. Also, temperature neutrality is better in natural latex compared to synthetic latex. This means if you are planning to get latex mattress, then you need to be very sure of the materials used by the company to construct it. You need to ensure the mattress is natural. 

Initially, memory foam mattresses were criticized for their inability to offer temperature neutrality. But this was in the past. Today, brands around the world incorporate various cooling technologies into their designs to make certain that their memory foam mattress allows the sleeper to sleep cool through the night. Some of these include gel memory foam, cooling crystals, open-cell structure, etc. 

Memory foam mattresses with an open cell structure absorb body heat of the sleeper and circulate it throughout. This unique internal structure of the mattress allows both heat and air to be circulated through the mattress. 

Gel memory foam mattresses are usually of two types. The first type works like an ice pack. It absorbs the body heat and ensures the sleeper does not sleep hot. The other type is a phase-changing gel memory foam which not only absorbs heat but also releases it accordingly. 

Body contouring 

The most important quality in which memory foam mattresses excel and leave latex far behind is their ability to adapt to the body shape of the sleeper.

Memory foam mattresses contour the sleeper’s body so that the latter can get the best sleep ever. This ensures no pressure points are created in the sleeper. Therefore, the sleeper does not wake up with pain in the neck, the shoulders, and/or the hips. This also prevents blood clots in the sleeper. No kind of anxieties or restlessness related to sleep is experienced by the sleeper when using a memory foam mattress. 

Spinal alignment and back pain relief 

Memory foam mattresses make sure that the sleeper’s spine is not bent in an unnatural way while sleeping. This has two main benefits: One, the mattresses are orthopedic, which means, the sleeper does not wake up with back pain. Two, the sleeper improves his or her posture over time. 

For people with arthritis or joint pain too, orthopedic memory foam mattress is considered the best option. It reduces pressure felt by your joints, thus cushioning you and improving your condition. 


Though natural latex mattresses are hypoallergenic, synthetic ones are not as great as the former. Memory foam mattresses excel at this as well. These mattresses do not allow dust mites or microbes to settle on the surface of the mattress. These allergens are also prevented from seeping into the mattress and settling in. As a result, these mattresses are great for people with sensitive skin and/or people with asthma or those who catch a cold easily. The hypoallergenic quality of memory foam mattresses also makes them great for children. 


A latex mattress lasts for a very long time, especially natural ones. Memory foam mattresses, however, are not only durable but also maintain all their other qualities for a very long time. They are comfortable, firm, and offer great body support throughout.

Have you used a latex mattress? What do you think are its disadvantages? Share with us.